Enoch Powell’s Nietzschean Christianity: Notes & Analysis

These are notes and analysis on the essay Enoch Powell’s Nietzschean Christianity by Ian Bryce[1].

“I’m hungering to hear, to be told, and to receive, things which I don’t know where to find elsewhere, and which I feel I shall be the poorer if I don’t hear and receive, and which I feel in some sense I shall die if I don’t have. (J. Enoch Powell, No Easy Answers (London: Sheldon Press, 1973), 34.)”

“Enoch Powell delivered the above as a response to the question, ‘Do you consider yourself a religious man?’ It is an answer that surely resonates with the Western man of the 21st century. For we live in age of irreligion, of absence—be it of nation, identity, the sacred, or numberless other treasured things.” Continue reading