Collapse Patchworks: A Theory

The complexity of modern industrial, social and organisational flows presents the headlong perception of dromological speed[1]. As we fall faster and faster, our sense of volume is displaced as the surface quickly grows until it is the centre of our vision. The speed of these flows mean that they come at us headlong, as does their precipitous crashes and transformative potential. Stock market crashes, climate change, cultural complexity and viral pandemics sit on the periphery of vision while the flows make up a blurry surface. In this sense, I’m analysing these flows and their collapse both socio-economically, as the production of dynamics that increase complexity exponentially, meaning solutions to it are growing out of multiple places (patchwork); and dromologically, as a series of accelerative flows that mean solutions are constantly instantaneous, interdependent and contextual. Collapse patchworks are the bases of various methods of technological and social practices and instantiations that grow in these flows and anti-flows, creating transformative potential and impotent reaction. The increase in social networking, home-working and social distancing in response to viral pandemics. The stock market crashes and evolutions in industrial policy due to evolutions in human capital, organisational value and trade flows. Within these cyclical patterns and black swan events exist the trails and fractals that makeup new socio-economic potentials, forming part of wider paradigms of growth and innovation as well as methods of containing the future, putting it along specific pathways as the modality of these patchworks grows outward.

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