The purpose of this blog is to develop an understanding of what the libertarian (or post-libertarian) ideal actually is, looking at multiple philosophies, pathways and organisational forms that provide different degrees of voice and exit, producing a multi-faceted patchwork of governance that allows for these relations to grow and scale outwards.

My name is Chris Shaw. I am an independent researcher and writer, published with a number of outlets. I would describe myself as a decentralist and post-libertarian.

My main research interests surround governance; organisation theory; state formation; market formation/creation; non-capitalist markets; state-market relations; network theory; accelerationism; patchwork theories; societal collapse dynamics; human-technology relations; identity/meaning-making; deconstructing socio-political forms and functions; libertarian/post-libertarian political theory; and the dynamics of group formation.

You can contact me here:

Twitter page: https://twitter.com/ChrisShaw93

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/chrisshaw93

Academic publishing page: https://warwick.academia.edu/ChrisShaw

Email: chris-shaw@live.com

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