We Don’t Need Taxes Where We Are Going

by Keith F. Smith


Roads, schools and fire departments all predate taxes. Centralization brought them into the tax realm and they are all heavily controlled. Decentralizing them incrementally is not only more economically feasible, but it will allow for better technology to thrive.


Take the road. Fuel taxes, registration taxes, inspection taxes and toll taxes are all collected for the roads. There exists concrete technology which uses bacteria to fill cracks and holes in concrete naturally. Self filling potholes? Imagine how much money can be saved in the tax cost of operating automobiles if they did not need to be constantly repaired.  Why isn’t this tech used? Centralization.



Take fire departments. Most are volunteer. They rely on donations and actually do pretty well. The state’s infrastructure takes an average of ten mins for a fire department to receive a fire call through the 911 system. Instead, a Blockchain based fire alarm system can notify the department in seconds and when it comes to fire ten minutes can cause a lifetime of damage. Some parts of the USA offers fire insurance. For 20 dollars a year you get coverage. Now if your house has ems or fire call you aren’t charged anything for service but if you don’t have insurance you are billed for the costs associated. This has proven widely successful and used over a century.

Same can be applied to auto insurance. New Hampshire has voluntary car insurance when Pennsylvania does not. The cost for full coverage auto insurance in pa avgs over $120 a month compared to $82 in NH. Competition drives costs down and holds people accountable for their actions.


Then there comes the question about police and their much needed service to the community. We could argue their actual purpose and if there is a need for a centralized police force, although let us answer how we could have police without taxes. The service of the police needs to be thought of like the service of EMS or Fire Company. When a crime is committed their services should be rendered just like the aforementioned services. It will cut down their costs and enhance the safety of the community. If your community wants to have them out and about roaming around that can be completely voluntary too. But an insurance program like the fire companies insurance programs would be better. If you don’t pay and call police you should be charged for their time and resources. Show your police service insurance card and then have a very low deductible or have the service completely covered. This would lead communities to have accountable and efficient police services. Communities would also work harder to promote their friendly and low cost police services and the police would treat people more like customers and less like livestock.


When ever questioning the established system, the individual always runs into the statement “but what about the kids, the kids need to learn”. Schools are now heavily centralized but once in the not too distant past they were heavily decentralized. Instead of being used for political correct programming, schools nurtured young minds to expand and thrive. This is likely why there is a movement across the world to “unschool” children and promote their strengths and guide them with reason.  They too can operate on a smaller and voluntary scale.

My grandmother went to a one room schoolhouse that was not financed through taxes but donations as a farm girl. She later became the first female real estate broker in the state of Pa. With no college but self taught instruction and apprenticeship under others.  She got most of her instruction in a one room school house. Billionaires have sat across from her seeking her advice and she has earned a reputation in real estate I know of no other.

It’s all about perception. It is of my opinion that people are conditioned the past hundred years to not open their minds to the reality that we honestly don’t need involuntary taxes. Blockchain voting systems would decrease voting fraud by 100%. This technology, if incorporated into election software, can garantee votes are counted and never multiplied or counterfeited. If it’s on the blockchain, it happened. Reputations will be worth their weight in gold and it will promote better banking and government policies. Imagine if a bank had to disclose its actual rich list wallet size on its sign out front.


Why are insurance companies so expensive? Because they have a monopoly with the help of the state and… Get this… All insurance companies are owned by banks. Even bail bondsmen in the prison industrial complex are actually registered insurance salesmen with the state and their agencies are owned by banks. In order to do business in a county, the bail bondsman must have a large amount of money deposited as insurance into an escrow account at a bank. That escrow account collects interest. Who collects the interest might I ask?

“The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) suggests that financial services typically make up 20-30% of total service market revenue and about 20% of the total” Read more

That comes to an astounding 3.3 Trillion dollars wasted on the financial sector which the blockchain itself can ultimately replace. Add the 3 Trillion dollars extorted by the Feds through taxation and much more by all the other means of taxation. That is a lot of wealth extorted through monopolizing a currency and charging fees like a tick sucks blood. That kind of money reinvested into the economy will have a resounding effect. Imagine the possibilities when people can retain most or all of their wealth. That is the kind of money to end homelessness, starvation, suffering and poverty.


I have long been against taxation. Bitcoin literally woke me up the possibility of actually having a system in place which can and will eventually replace the system that exists today. I was seeking an answer and found it through bitcoin. It fills so many voids of which there were not viable answers before. Almost every service offered by the state and banking can be replaced with blockchain technology. Even wars will find a hard time being funded when wealth must be voluntarily donated for such causes. People will be less likely to initiate a war if they have to pay for it and not steal from others to pay for it.

Other technologies born of bitcoin have taken the vision further. Like any new thing there will be roadblocks and failures. Those failures must be let to fail. Decentralizing the systems we are building to decentralize the system is a principle none of us should stray from. It is important as world events continue to spiral out of control due to centralization of powers, that we continue to decentralize and build better systems to offer the world to move to. This is important. Decentralized currencies, decentralized communications, decentralized energy systems and decentralized population control(government). It took centuries of incremental centralization and it may take decades of decentralization to fix it.

Encryption has so many possibilities that I can’t even imagine where it will go from here. One thing is for sure… Our great grandkids will look back at this time like we look back at horse and buggies, the slave trade and burning witches as the stake. The future is ours.

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