The Remain Side is Showing Its Contempt

I’m sick of hearing from the Remain side that because older generations have voted to leave the EU, their future prospects have been ruined. Because of course it wasn’t the massive wage stagnation and growing youth unemployment developing over the course of the last 30 years. It wasn’t the phony free trade agreements which centralised power into the hands of large corporations and unaccountable government bureaucracies. It wasn’t the destruction of home-grown British industries in the 70s and 80s by the fake rhetoric of free markets and the provision of subsidies to large corporations and behemoth-like management networks. It wasn’t the belief in increasing indebtedness through consumerism and mortgages as a means to economic prosperity. None of this is seemingly relevant to these self-righteous youths.

No, it was leaving the EU that really screwed it up. The young people saying this really need to look in the mirror. As they’re part of a generation who has become politically disengaged. And not just in terms of voting numbers, but simply in terms of accepting the predominant economic discourses. They’ve swallowed whole a belief in financial market dominance and globalism. This is perfectly encapsulated in the idea of one having a right to live and work wherever they like, irrelevant of their geographic origin. Its individualistic nonsense like this that makes it hard to take these young voters seriously.

Unfortunately it goes further, as they show their contempt for traditional English life by sneering at those who are simply sceptical of mass immigration. They cannot understand, sitting at their Apple computers, how someone cannot like immigration. Well its certainly suited them. Their nannies and service workers all come from developing nations, and they absolutely love it. Their wages aren’t affected. Their communities aren’t changed. So why should they care.

If young people are so vapid and gullible as to believe that globalisation is a stable dynamic, and that the EU is the apotheosis of economic excellence, then our generation really is screwed. Their individualism and belief in the selfishness of neoliberal capitalism is what is ruining lives for the younger generations. All the problems of today, from anaemic growth to financialised economies, are a result of the acceptance of neoliberal dogma, which means accepting large structural deficits, the dominance of fiat money, a huge international banking cartel and a set of extremely powerful national and international networks to subsidise the whole thing. Being in or out of the EU is a complete irrelevance in the larger scheme of things. All that these remain voters (but particularly the younger ones) are doing is showing their contempt for their nation, their communities and their foundations.

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