This Changes Nothing

The milieu of middle-class remain voters are bemoaning something that in their mind is akin to the Norman invasion or World War II or some other equally destructive event. Of course it isn’t, and these people really need to grow up and stop whining like 5 year olds. It is simply a large faction of working class and lower middle class people registering their dissatisfaction with fear mongering campaigns and the stupidity of our political classes. And in the end, it fundamentally changes nothing.

Our ruling classes are still in charge. They are still deciding the direction of travel when it comes politics and economic policy. There will be no right-wing revolution, particularly not with a Cameronite politico like Boris Johnson at the helm. Instead, our financialised economy, built on pillars of salt in the form of extremely high-levels of debt and over-inflated house prices, will continue unabated. If there is to be a recession, it will only have come sooner than expected. An economy cannot reasonably grow on the back of house prices and low-skill, low-wage employment. It would’ve collapsed irrelevant of the way people voted.

There will be no apocalypse. There will simply be a series of decisions made by our stupid political rulers about how to screw up the country. The most reasonable thing right now would be to move toward a unitary free trade position irrelevant of tariff barriers, allowing the UK to benefit from particular economies of scale. It should eventually move toward full IP liberalisation, banking liberalisation (with the removal of legal tender laws and capital and insurance requirements, as well as allowing more stock exchanges to be created) and principles of subsidiarity and decentralisation. This allows for smaller, more human economies of scale where necessary (particular in food markets and manufacturing). For immigration, the decision-making processes should be decentralised toward local communities who can best decide through confederal means how to allow for flows of migration to develop and move.

What I’ve just laid out is completely inimical to the British ruling classes, who are contented with employment regulations and entry barriers so long as they maintain the monopoly position of the corporations that support them. These same ruling classes (whether they be vested interests, corporate lobbyists, party politicians or the multitude of business groups) are in power now, and will continue to be (albeit in slightly different forms) in power now that we’ve voted to leave the EU. Thus the same people that felt empowered during this referendum need to continue fighting and demand radical reform that pulls power away from Westminster. Otherwise, nothing will change.

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