No Method in Their Madness

Why don’t we ban cars? I mean, they’re effective death traps, create far too much pollution and can be driven by inexperienced people. There are said over a million uninsured drivers in the UK, so there are many cars that aren’t regulated at all. And it’s obvious that control measures, such as speed cameras and traffic lights, don’t work as deaths on the road still occur. Nowadays we have good public transport, such as buses and trains, that can get you anywhere you like and aren’t much more expensive than a car and are driven by responsible, government-trained drivers.

This right here is the exact logic used by those who advocate gun control. Instead of an armed citizenry, they believe gun ownership is best left in the hands of the government, who due to their coercive powers can better regulate guns. Of course anyone with any sense knows this is nonsense. We just have to look at the numerous abuses of power committed by police officers in America (and to a lesser extent the UK). There are cases of officers raping individuals at traffic stops as well as innumerable dead Black people killed by trigger happy police.

But of course to believers in gun control, this isn’t as bad as the numerous shootings done by civilians, in America in particular. However, the real problem is that many of these individuals were extremely mentally unstable, with many around recognising this to some degree but being unable to act upon it due to the lack of mental and social care in America. This isn’t a gun problem, it’s a mental health problem. Further, violent crime has gone down in the United States, and where there are large examples of gun crime, they come from cities with very stringent gun control, such as Chicago and New York.

The United Kingdom and Australia have also had reduced levels of violent crime over time, particularly drops in murder rates. Gun control advocates would pin this down to their gun control policies. However, forms of violent crime, particularly in inner cities, has shot up. Knife crimes are very high in the UK, as well as levels of assault, and daylight robberies are a more regular occurrence in both countries since gun control measures were enacted. If this is showing the efficacy of gun control, then I think I’ll purchase a gun.

Finally, I have one of the question for those on the left who believe in gun control yet at the same time tout their credentials as civil libertarians and supporters of Snowden. How the hell do you think arbitrary government power will be stopped? Through the legislation process? A process effectively controlled by rent seekers and corporate donors. Get real. Change is forced by a well-armed and organised community, who can counter the state’s monopoly of violence. Any other strategy is naive and utopian.

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